Technical Consultancy

High Voltage Pulsed Power
circuit design realisation

Consultancy provided in the design review of a compact pulsed high-voltage power supply, with particular focus on

  • component and substrate material ratings and derating, for optimised reliability
  • circuit conductors, dielectric substrate and enclosure layout and topology, to mitigate tracking and bulk breakdown phenomena
  • verification of circuit functional topology & performance, for compliance with NATO sub-system guidance and requirements

resulting in improved first-time compliance and reduction in design iteration steps, saving project time and cost.

Application of physical principles in metal-insulator-vacuum (M-I-V) and air-bridged regimes, for optimisation of insulator structures, to

  • minimise electric field stresses,
  • avoid flashover       and
  • mitigate breakdown (insulation failure),
    particularly in multi-layer printed circuit boards.

Drawing on contemporary knowledge and a programme of full-time research, building-up the knowledge base of the client project team and reducing risk in subsequent projects.

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